Customized software for your company

From cloud native development to platform engineering & DevOps. We develop individual, digital solutions along the entire value chain, with the right technology to increase your return on investment and enable future growth.

We build on long-term partnerships

Achieve up to four times higher returns by investing in individual software solutions.

Three steps

to a tailor-made software solution


Measures & target definition

Derivation of measures with which
you actually achieve the goals you have set
• Evaluation and specification of the objective
• Derivation of an action plan
• Selection of suitable technologies and architectures
• Time and Resource Planning


Potential & requirement analysis

To identify digitization opportunities
with a direct impact on your value drivers
• Taking stock of current challenges
• Identification of value drivers and Nice-to-Haves
• Initial evaluation through a proof of concept


From MVP to
scalable solutions

Fast, deployable solutions that
create a direct impact for you, which we
iteratively expand and optimize
• Iterative Implementation
• Implementation plan
• Continuous releases
• Support

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Utilizing digital opportunities?

Our experts will show you how.

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Solution Development Cases

ToyoGPT: The secure ChatGPT for Toyota – insight into the evolution of AI at Toyota

x Increase efficiency in your company with UGPT
x Company branded GPT solution
x Security for your corporate data

Artifical Intelligence | Data driven company | Datengetriebenes Unternehmen | Neue Geschäftsmodelle

Play it smart: Always one step ahead with big data

x Reduce complexity
x Save resources
x Increase security

Data-driven company | Datengetriebenes Unternehmen | SAP

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