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Play it smart: Always one step ahead with big data

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With over 75,000 seats, the Allianz Arena faces enormous logistical challenges on match days. Even the smallest incidents in the operating process, such as accidents in the parking garage, can quickly turn into major problems. And that’s what happens, when hundreds of cars are blocking the highway, driving into the parking garage behind one another. How do you prevent these small problems from growing into big ones while significantly simplifying your own processes?

Evolution in a nutshell

01 The challenge

The goal: A comprehensive optimization of all match day processes

FC Bayern München AG was looking to not only increase security on match days, but also to create a comfortable fan experience for everyone. Through intelligent reporting and forecasting, possible problems should be detected before they occur and cause disruptions during the day.

»The digital transformation at FC Bayern Munich is summarized under the project title “Digital 4.0” and affects all areas of the company. The aim is to position FC Bayern Munich internationally for future digital requirements. With objective partner we have found a partner who will support us from conception to implementation and support
of our strategy.«

Michael Fichtner
CIO FC Bayern Munich

02 The solution

Efficient alerting, reporting, and forecasting

Our team designed and developed a platform to face the challenge.
It aggregates and analyzes data from all sources in the stadium and, in the event of deviations from standard values, alerts the security staff via an app before problems occur. In addition, by integrating cash register data, business KPIs can be optimized along the value chain in the stadium.

»With the SAP Process Orchestration, we pick up the important data from the parking garage system, the access system and the cash register system, evaluate it, look for violations and transfer it to SAP S/4HANA to make it available in real time in the app.«

Michael Thron
Objective partner

With just one click, those responsible can check the capacity of the parking garage, whether a gate is blocked or how many fans are in the stadium. All values are compared with empirical data from previous matchdays to automatically trigger an alarm in the app if they fall below or exceed them significantly - a preventive approach that detects possible problems before they occur.

03 The added value

Optimizations today and for the future

Efficient alerting, reporting, and forecasting enables a significantly reduced use of resources on match days. The staff recognizes trends and developments at an early stage instead of reacting to occurring problems. We successfully optimized the economic KPIs through the establishment of a data-driven core opening future optimization possibilities, for example in merchandising.

»One of the main tasks in our IT strategy is to reduce complexity. With SAP Process Orchestration (...) we have shown that you can break new ground with a technology that has proven itself several times in-house.«

Michael Fichtner
CIO FC Bayern Munich

Play it Smart - FC Bayern München
Play it Smart - FC Bayern München

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