Holacracy instead
of rigid structures.

In the spirit of New Work, we live the concept of Holacracy. In self-directed teams, we react agile and efficiently to new market and customer requirements, making decisions on our own responsibility. We always meet at eye level - without artificial management levels or titles.

The goal is to keep the big picture in mind and give everyone room for individual development. Our employees are our greatest asset and we promote integration with different cultural and professional backgrounds. Only those who have the opportunity to think creatively and innovatively or make mistakes and are encouraged to try out new things will support the future viability of their company.

For an
innovative tomorrow.

Together, we work and live according to the principles of:

Just talking about it doesn't help. We only deliver the best possible results for our customers, if we are truly innovative, agile and flexible.
Andreas Bader
CEO & Founder

Roles & Circles.
Instead of rigid structures.

We describe and organize our work in roles and circles – arranged on one level. This way, we create transparency and clarity with regard to tasks and expectations on the one hand, and on the other hand enable shortened decision-making processes and fast onboarding.

Our framework therefore builds the foundation, with defined essential processes and rules. All roles are anchored in different circles, which are defined in so-called governance meetings.

This is how it works

The roles


Circle Lead

The Circle Lead is a strategic role in each circle and is filled by the Circle Lead of the next larger circle. This person represents the responsibilities of the circle externally and provides for its structure internally. The success of the circle should be made measurable and appropriate measures derived for the company-wide OKRs.



The facilitator moderates the meetings of the circle and establishes process reliability. This way, any tension can be dealt with in an appreciative manner.



The Secretary organizes the meetings, takes minutes in support of the Facilitator during the meeting, and interprets the framework and governance decisions of the circle.

The meeting structure

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The self-organized and self-directed way of working enables our organization and employees to have an agile working environment.

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