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The Broetje Automation Group is the leading provider of automated machines and systems for large industries, including the aerospace industry. For the roll-out of SAP S/4 HANA at locations in the USA and China, our experts optimized the digital core to set up the company flexibly for the future.

Evolution in a nutshell

01 The Challenge

One system — many people, countries and processes

Digitalization is at the forefront of Brötje Automation GmbH's agenda: The company had already introduced SAP S/4HANA in Germany before our project started. With the introduction of the system in the US and Chinese subsidiaries, they wanted to optimize the head quarter's system on top.

Our SAP specialists developed a roadmap towards a process-optimized system, simplifying complexity and consolidating the companies with all their individual specifics.

»We chose an approach that leverages the efficiency of standard SAP processes while reflecting the customer's individual way of working«

Objective partner

02 The solution

The ideal balance between profitability and value

Two missions, one roadmap with a 360-degree view
We knew from the beginning that our team was on two missions: On the one hand, the international roll-out had to proceed quickly, and on the other hand, optimizations had to be made, ensuring a global integration at all times. In order to proceed with the system roll-out and the special adjustments in parallel, our team worked with the customer to develop a list of priorities. The effort and value across all departments played a major role.

»The great strength of an SAP system is its integration into all areas of the company. We therefore always consider all process optimizations end-to-end, so that every function and small process fits into the overall process.«

Objective Partner

From digital core to added value for the entire company

After creating an efficient roadmap, the mission could begin during ongoing operations. Following the principle of “Keep the Core Clean”, our team worked with SAP's Business Technology Platform (BTP) during optimization and roll-out, in addition to the SAP S/4HANA system core. This combination offers the possibility to carry out in-house developments not in the core, but on the BTP. As a result, the S/4 system remains clean, stable and future-proof, and release changes can be made with less effort.

03 The result

Clear runway for future destinations

After the optimizations were introduced, one thing quickly became obvious: Acceptance for the new system grew as processes were unified, simplified, and generally improved. The technological solution thus also facilitated corporate consolidation on a human level - but not only that: On the intelligent, solid foundation, Brötje Automation can grow as a group of companies and benefit from digital, intelligent processes and technologies in all areas of the company.
After all, optimization does not end with the introduction, but marks the starting point for an evolution in many new directions and destinations.

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