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Digital evolution.
A matter of
the core.

Whatever you have in mind – it needs a strong foundation:

The sky is the limit…

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…with a strong foundation. Whether SAP S/4HANA transformation, SAP integration or special Discrete Manufacturing Industry solutions: Evolving into an intelligent enterprise depends on the business model. Find out how we can make your company resilient and your innovations sustinable on the long run.

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Approach SAP in a smart way

Simplify, Accelerate, Inspire


Am I moving to the cloud or on premise? How do I start and where is the limit? Together, we develop a cost-efficient strategy, realizing your entire optimization potential, suitable for your company.


How do I connect two systems seamlessly - and optimize my processes at the same time? Where can I automate and reduce complexity? We find solutions that save real time and establish digital simplicity sustainably in your company.


How do I realize competitive advantages, establish new services and react to my customers’ expectations? We lay the technological foundation for innovative ideas using the SAP system, extensions and smart Cloud-Services.

Effect of SAP on
Core Work
Digital, intelligent processes
New Business Models

The customer experience that makes the difference. The agility you need in the digital economy: SAP provides the foundation for your future competitiveness. In the end, we want to achieve exactly that: Establish innovative business processes and constant optimization in your company.

Get more business
from your technology

The core processes run smoothly. The code has to be clean, the interface seamless – but what else can you draw from your SAP system and the cloud? How can customer needs be better met? What is your competitive edge? Discuss, develop and validate strategies and business models with us that will transfer your company to the future.


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It's about developing processes and ideas together. About solutions that make sense in the long term but can also be implemented in the short term- and it’s about companies clearly differentiating themselves in the market.
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SAP Solution Expert
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Industry focus:
Your specialist for DMI solutions

The Discrete Manufacturing Industry (DMI) is facing special challenges when it comes to SAP S/4HANA, which we meet with a well-established project pattern. From SAP variant configuration to consulting on which processes you can optimize during a transformation, we accompany you into a new era with practical, resource-saving and well-proven solutions.

Further services around SAP

Exploit the possibilities, that are already in front of you.

Your Advantages

From entrepreneur to entrepreneur

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The increasing market dynamics are forcing companies to become faster and more adaptable. With SAP S/4HANA, we create the basis to put your power on the road. We are the partner who takes a holistic view at your company, identifies your business opportunities - and not just the code.
Andre Beckmann
SAP S/4HANA Solution Architect

Your evolution is possible.
Let's do it.

Insights into
the evolution


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Employee Voices

Blühende Bergstraße

Wir unterstützen das Projekt "Blühende Bergstraße".


A new standard for 24-hour care

x Develop future business models
x Establish efficient processes
x Create simplicity and transparency

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Our employees about objective partner

Employee Voices

Was ist Core Work?

Core Work steht für die Digitalisierung der Kernprozesse in Ihrem Unternehmen. Angefangen bei der Beseitigung von Medienbrüchen, der Vereinfachung der Bearbeitung und des Nutzererlebnisses bis hin zur Optimierung von Prozessen und der Verfügbarkeit von Informationen.

What is Core Work?

Core Work represents the digitization of your company’s core processes. Starting with the elimination of media discontinuities, the simplification of processing and the user experience, through to the optimization of processes and the availability of information.

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