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Today's Guest: Marian D. Wensky

What drives our employees? Where do they come from, what is their motivation and what is life at objective partner actually like? Questions upon questions, that will be answered in our series #EmployeeVoices. My name is Rebecca Jankowski. I started as Content Manager on May '22 - and let's face it - I’m responsible for literally everything around communication. That's why it's especially important to me to capture our employee’s voices and tell the world out there what makes us tick as a company.


We start our series with Marian Wensky, Head of Design & Creative Delivery, who has been part of the objective partner family for more than a year now. Previously working in the Customer Experience department at a major corporation, he then joined the company with a speculative application. Speculative, since he first heard about us from his neighbor, also a colleague at objective partner. But read for yourself how his journey has developed during the first year. And why saying 'no' sometimes doesn't have to be a problem.
What made you decide to go in a new direction?

I previously worked for a large corporation and wanted to get to know the other side of the corporate world. Sure, you can learn a lot about processes and structures in this context, yet other experience, that can only be made within a more agile environment, are missing. As a creative mind, you want freedom for new ideas and their implementation.

As a creative mind...What did you study and why?

In 2017, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in communication design. After that, I added a Master's degree in Brand Management & Creative Communication on top. After graduating from high school, however, I didn't have that much of a plan for my professional future. This has developed and found itself in the process I would say. Looking at things from a different perspective, developing ideas and concepts are what drive me. The creative implementation of it all is like the icing on the cake.  At some point, at my former employer, some things were just handled way less innovative than I had wished for.

Okay. So that’s when you decided to look for something new.

Yes, I was actually still applying to another company for a specific job when my neighbor and buddy Tim approached me. He has been working for objective partner for a long time and said that the company would definitely suit me. So I just wrote a speculative application and waited to see what would happen.

How did your journey continue then?

Already in the application process I was convinced by the speed and appreciation of my application. You were not treated like a supplicant, like: "Why should we hire you in the first place?" but much more treated at eye level, like: "Hey, thank you so much for your application! How can we convince you to work for us?" That's a really rare experience. The interviews were also transparent, honest and sympathetic. First, my professional expertise was rattled off, the company was introduced, and then it came down to the nitty-gritty.

And how were the conversations with our CEOs?

I was surprised how natural and easy it went. Until then, I had never heard of holacracy and was immediately excited about the new operating model. No hierarchies, short decision-making processes and freedom for innovation and creativity. For me, handing over more responsibility to the employees demonstrates trust. At the beginning I never had objective partner on the screen, but then I was enthusiastic about Andreas and Michael's views and vision. Their authenticity as entrepreneurs and human beings finally convinced me.

You joined the company during COVID-19. Onboarding completely digital. What was that like for you?

A small welcome package, a digital office tour and Tim as a mentor already made the start easier! Of course, it's always different to get to know your colleagues physically, but through teams it worked really well. After a short introduction to the most important tools, I probably reached the biggest part of my onboarding: learning by doing.

That's a good cue. Learning by doing also implies facing challenges. Is there anything specific you can remember?

(he thought for a moment...) Yes, indeed. But more in the direction of time management. Thanks to flexible working hours on a trust basis, we can theoretically arrange what we do when. But if you add a marathon of meetings to the mix, it starts to get difficult. On the one hand, you want to do meet everyone’s expectations, but on the other hand, your own performance and quality should not suffer.

And how did you solve that?

In fact, just by saying "no." In my experience, fewer meeting series improve performance in other areas as you can work in a more focused way. Rather set up content-driven meetings that truly deliver value-added results. Initially, I faced some resistance here, but in the end I received more understanding and even encouragement.

Many associate fear with the word "probationary period". It often has a negative connotation. What is your opinion on that?

Honestly: It never really was an issue for me. You feel like a valuable team member right from the start. Before my probationary period ended, I met with Michael in person to proactively collect feedback. We also discussed goals and development opportunities in order to have a clear path for the future. Passing the probationary period was never a question.

How do you experience working for objective partner today?

objective partner is actually the first employer for me that allows me to work in a way that suits me individually. Flexibility is the basis and breeding ground for my creative work and the independent work shows appreciation. Respect and communication at eye level are not a question. And above all, instead of permanent performance checks, there is something much more valuable: Trust.

You learned what it means to take over responsibility. Especially, what it's like to get your project off the ground and see it fly. Why don't you tell us more about that?

Making a visible impact is a heartfelt passion of mine. I think that the topics of functional design and visual aesthetics are often still neglected.

We believe that design and aesthetics contribute as much to solving a challenge as our technological expertise does. In the fall of 2021, I started my first major project; our corporate design was to represent us as a company with our services in an authentic and visually clear way. Therefore, it had to be entirely rethought and designed. This allowed me to conceptually and visually rebuild our brand. After my pitch to Andreas and Michael, I immediately received positive feedback, appreciation and a clear "go". So my ideas were not only desired, but their realization was also required. Nine months later, we were able to go live in June this year.

What learning do you take away from this project?

If you stand up for your cause and get support from colleagues and management, anything is possible. There will always be challenges and conflicting opinions, but that's what makes the development process work.

What do you wish for the future and what advice would you give to talents out there?

What I would really like to see is a greater awareness of design and its added value. This way, we can use the interaction of solution and design more profitably. To the talents out there, I just want to say: Know your value and stand up for your cause and expertise. Be authentic and honest and you’ll find the right job.

Stay tuned for our upcoming employee story. After all, they build the foundation of objective partner.

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Our employees about objective partner

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Our employees about objective partner

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