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For Bharat Forge, the world's largest forging company, innovation is a key pillar for the future and plays a central role in creating customer value, based on cutting-edge technologies. Bharat Forge was looking for an innovative and modern industrial IoT solution to always be informed about the manufacturing process in real time, to optimize workloads and increase efficiency.

Evolution in a nutshell

01 The challenge

Our goal: More transparency in real time

Establishing a resilient infrastructure as a foundation was essential to enable data analysis at the highest level. This also included the integration and connection of old equipment linking it to modern systems. The desire for transparency, but also simplification, required an operating concept adapted to the shop floor.
Our experts supported from the very beginning with conception, design, and architectural consulting of the app.

»With objective partner at our side, we realized an innovative IoT solution concept at record time. A great start into IoT technology within the industry!«

Ralf Vagts
Head of IT and Organization Bharat Forge CDP GmbH

02 The solution

Comprehensive data integration for the shop floor

To make Bharat Forge future proof from core to value, the team replaced the existing shop floor data collection tool with a modern, user-friendly, operating application - system independent. Our experts developed a customized platform that digitally displays production and provides information about rejects, quantities produced, production problems occurring in real time, resource consumption (e.g. energy data) as well as shift and order data.

»We centralized all monitoring and execution processes into the SAP system, which reduced the effort significantly. Thanks to an economic
concept, which saves on licensing and system costs, our customers achieved a particularly high ROI.«

Objective partner

By connecting the sensor-equipped systems with SAP, the entire production process can now be viewed transparently in real time in an app that runs both, directly on the terminal of the machines and on the monitoring system. The operator can therefore react immediately to any arising problem, intervening and preventing production from a standstill.

03 The added value

Solid competitive edge from flexible technology

With the transparent tool, a new era moves into the forge: The era of highly efficient production. The instrument for real-time monitoring
The development and evaluation of the machines ensures a cost-efficient, competitive, and highly automated process for the future.


  1. Real-time monitoring reduces downtime and thus increases job throughput.
  2. The centralized solution significantly reduces the monitoring effort.
  3. The entire IT structure enables better possibilities for analysis and differentiation of operating data as well as overhead costs.


But that's not all - the measurable results inspired our customer to come up with further ideas and start its digital evolution throughout the entire company.

»We want to reduce overall costs in another project and are again relying on the expertise of objective partner and expect Five-figure cost savings per plant.«

Ralf Vagts
Head of IT and Organization Bharat Forge CDP GmbH


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