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For Toyota, one of the world's largest car manufacturers, the use of AI is crucial for future competitiveness in the market. That is why objective partner has developed its own ToyoGPT for Toyota Germany. Toyota wants to evaluate the benefits of generative AI for itself, its employees and customers.


But how can this be realized? This question was addressed by the AI and IT experts at objective partner. Three Challenges in particular emerged:

Toyotas Challenges


Based on objective partner's innovative U-GPT technology, the central platform ToyoGPT was developed. It enables Toyota employees and customers to use generative AI with their own company data in a secure environment and also experience a variety of specialized applications.


ToyoGPT-Application cases:

The use of the freely accessible ChatGPT application offers enormous data risks for companies. When employees enter protection worthy company data in the freely accessible ChatGPT, this company data ends up on the servers of the provider OpenAI, so it flows off. This can be prevented by using the innovative U-GPT technology from objective partner. With UGPT, Toyota’s employees can use the familiar ChatGPT functions without disclosing sensitive or confidential company data.

ToyoGPT can also be used to increase service quality for customers. A mobile app for Android Car allows drivers to interact with their car’s manual via their infotainment system. They can ask questions by voice command and ToyoGPT answers them by speech output based on the manual data.

An interactive training course was also developed for car salespeople at Toyota dealerships. Customers, experts and psychologists are simulated by GPT-based “agents” here. In practice, this means that you simulate a conversation and, as a car salesperson, receive advice on how to improve your own answers. The suggestions for improvement are created using the GPT technology. How does the AI know the answers? These are based on factual knowledge from Toyota’s internal training documents, which are stored in the cloud and made available to GPT, as well as knowledge on the subject of sales psychology.

ToyoGPT also simplifies the work of Toyota’s product owners. Where previously long texts for so-called user stories had to be formulated, ToyoGPT now takes over the creation of these texts, based on long requirement documents or transcribed discussions with specialist departments. ToyoGPT thus saves the product owners a lot of time and increases efficiency.

What Toyota says

"With ToyoGPT based on UGPT, our employees can use all functions of ChatGPT in a secure environment. In addition, ToyoGPT allows us to automate a wide range of processes - from sales training to interactive chat with manuals via voice in the car."
Peter-Pascal Meik
Manager Digital Innovations Toyota Deutschland GmbH

The result is convincing.

Objective partner has developed its own ToyoGPT from UGPT! Thanks to the new ToyoGPT platform, Toyota's employees can now evaluate the possibilities of ChatGPT in a secure environment and provide feedback. Toyota customers also benefit from a mobile chat function with the car's manual.

The project started in February 2023 and is still running today. ToyoGPT will also open up many new application cases in the future. Toyota employees now have the opportunity to gain experience of the work and time savings ToyoGPT can provide and what it can be used for throughout the company. Based on this knowledge, new AI-based automation systems can be developed in the future. What will they be? We'll keep you up to date!


Would you also like to use ChatGPT in your company without your corporate data being leaked? We can implement the basic version of UGPT for you within a few days. Get in touch with us!

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