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Potential quality deficiencies pose a high risk for automotive manufacturers, but also companies in every industry. When safety-relevant components fail in road traffic, it is not only human lives that are at stake. For the manufacturer, the necessary recalls can cost millions.
Toyota Germany was looking for a solution to identify and eliminate quality deficiencies at an early stage. With us, they found a partner who quickly delivered results.

Evolution in a nutshell

01 The challenge

Getting performance on the road

It usually takes some time to detect quality deficiencies on the field and to report them back to production. Time that needs to be reduced because the longer the lead time, the higher the cost for the manufacturer. So how do you shorten the L e ad time until the problem is detected?

Thanks to our extensive experience in big data and analytics, our team was able to contribute quickly and precisely to an individual solution with a high cost-benefit ratio.

»Gaining maximum added value from large amounts of data — we like to run at full speed with this task. We were able to go live with a first MVP within a very short time at relatively low costs for our customer.«

Objective partner

02 The solution

Big data and analytics for early detection of production deficiencies

We implemented the innovative solution in close collaboration with the customer as part of a concise project process that has already proven itself many times.
The solution collects, consolidates and analyzes all Toyota dealers' repair services on a daily basis. Anomalies are automatically detected by creating and comparing reference groups. If predefined thresholds are exceeded, the system rings an alarm and provides recommendations for action for aftersales. This allows a quick reaction of the manufacturer at an early stage.

03 The added value

From 0 to 100 in a short time: Millions of cost savings

The positive effects were already visible a few days after go-live: Reducing lead time by more than 50% saves the manufacturer millions of follow-up costs. The roll-out and connection of all German Toyota dealers was as quick and smooth as the entire project - Evolution today, not tomorrow.

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