Digital Twin

Asset Administration Shell
Our Key Technology for Industry 4.0 Solutions

The digital twin connects Officefloor (IT) with Shopfloor (OT).
We help to lay the foundation for tomorrow's production.


The digital twin connects the physical and digital world, a mirror of our reality, offering completely new insights and possibilities.

Digital Twin


Digital Nameplate

Paper documentation goodbye - "Hello" to resource efficiency and transparency. How? With unique identification and worldwide availability of product documentation, standardized according to DIN SPEC 91406.

Access at any time and from anywhere, thanks to cross-system integration.


Digital Product Passport

The digital product passport helps to monitor the entire product life cycle and at the same time ensures the protection of our environment. For the transparent circular economy of tomorrow. Already complying with the legal requirements effective from 2027?

With our solution, you are already prepared today.


Product Carbon Footprint

With our Asset Administration Shell, you can track the CO2-footprint of all your products, along the entire value chain. Once implemented, you are ready to enter the era of sustainable production. Why?

Choose transparency, for our environment and sustainable consumer choices.


Our Asset Administration Shell builds the foundation for any implementation scenario of the digital twin. Once implemented, any futher deployment is a breeze.

Andreas Bader
CEO & Founder

Condition Monitoring


We know technology.

Mann zeigt auf Grafik an Whiteboard Datengetriebenes Unternehmen

Your evolution is possible. Let's do it.


Thomas Weis

Chief Expert Digital Transformation

Legal requirement
for production:
The Digital Product Passport

You sell products in the EU? Then you should read on carefully. In 2027, the introduction of a digital product passport will be mandatory for your company. The digital product passport is the key instrument of the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan of the EU.

Not yet familiar with the digital product passport?
Then you should definitely act now!

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We know technology.

Mann zeigt auf Grafik an Whiteboard Datengetriebenes Unternehmen

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