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New Solutions for a new age

From automation to innovative business models.

Industry 4.0 offers great potential – Make the most out of it.


Connected thinking for your key advantage. Industry 4.0 is a prerequisite for surviving in the global market. While others are still automating shop floors, we are establishing digital business models. Create new revenue streams or conquer new markets for your company’s future.


Sustainable. Profitable. Adaptive.

From machine engineer to digital player

Effect of Industry 4.0 on
Core Work
Digital, intelligent processes
New business models
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Connected machines

With IoT solutions, we increase the efficiency of your production, optimize your utilization and performance and can intelligently analyze your data.


Sustainable supply chains

Thanks to digitization, sustainability can finally be an integral part of production. CO2 footprints cannot only be measured and reported end-to-end, but also optimized in real time - and economically.


Service focus for new business models

Focus on services together to open up new markets, target groups and sources of income and to strengthen your customer relationships. From an innovative service model to a holistic customer experience - at every touchpoint.

Gain Momentum.

Start your evolution with manageable projects today.

From entrepreneur to entrepreneur

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Asset-as-a-service, Lot Size 1 - digitization is full of possibilities. However, if I only think about manufacturing, when speaking of Industry 4.0, I am not maximizing the potential that offers new sources of income tomorrow. So, start thinking about today - and tomorrow.
Maximilian Reingruber
Digital Strategy Expert

Your evolution is possible.
Start today.

Insights into
the evolution


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Employee Voices

Blühende Bergstraße

Wir unterstützen das Projekt "Blühende Bergstraße".


A new standard for 24-hour care

x Develop future business models
x Establish efficient processes
x Create simplicity and transparency

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Our employees about objective partner

Employee Voices

What is Core Work?

Core Work represents the digitization of your company’s core processes. Starting with the elimination of media discontinuities, the simplification of processing and the user experience, through to the optimization of processes and the availability of information.

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