Create sustainable software solutions for the digital world of tomorrow.

Think ahead instead of backwards, act responsibly and still create genius solutions. At eye level, with appreciation and trust.

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Why we stand out: Evolution as a person and team

We love what we’re doing and are passionate about driving digital evolution in businesses together. Therefore, we are looking for unconventional individuals who fight for their opinion and want to create new things. And we want to continue inspiring our customers with our technological know-how while living our values. Because we truly care.

Working in a Holacracy organization enables you to work completely different than ever before: experience plenty of room for your own ideas, have the courage to make decisions and count on almost 100 colleagues - both professionally and personally.

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Our job postings

Please note that our job openings are German only.
German is one of your languages? Then you're more than welcome to apply.

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Flexible, independent and yet a team

No matter where you work from, whether it’s from home, the customers’ or our offices - together with your agile project team you pursue one goal: discuss extraordinary ideas, realize them with passion and proactively drive topics with confidence. Following the motto: "Just do it, learn and evolve."


Challenges? Our motivation!

Agility and a high technical level determine our work at objective partner. Employees, who grow with every challenge, see opportunities and seize them, drive this company. Develop by exchanging with your community and mentor individually. As individual as all our employees.


Anything but normal

We offer you the chance to get involved in all company decisions, try new things, be active and experience the joy of work. You can also get involved within the organization, work on social projects, or try out the latest tech trends at the Greenhouse. We can for sure inspire further colleagues to do so.

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Your evolution is possible. Let's do it.

With heart and mind

Already when founding the company in 1995, Andreas and Michael knew that they would never want to run and work in a classic and hierarchical company. 


They wanted to implement great ideas together with all employees at eye level. Both managing directors continue to take their social responsibility very seriously: This is not just visible in respectfully engaging with one another, but also in numerous community projects bringing joy, color and empathetic appreciation to life.


Our employees about objective partner

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Blühende Bergstraße

Wir unterstützen das Projekt "Blühende Bergstraße".


A new standard for 24-hour care

x Develop future business models
x Establish efficient processes
x Create simplicity and transparency

Customer Experience | digital intelligent processes | New business models | social responsibility | Soziale Verantwortung


Our employees about objective partner

Employee Voices

Frequently asked questions

Perfect! We would be happy if you send us your application documents by e-mail. You will find the name and contact details in the respective job advertisement.

Or you can use our 60-second application form.

  • We are proud of our employees, who come from many different countries. Whether from Brazil, Cuba, Greece, Albania or, of course, Germany – everyone is individual and contributes firmly to our open culture, where religion, origin or gender play no role. Only people count, their skills and their will.

  • With your B2 German language skills you have a solid basis, which we will further develop with a German course, if necessary.

  • Here we want to see what kind of person is behind the application! Grades are important, but things can also get a little off track and therefore they are secondary for us.

  • Tell us what makes you tick, what goals you are pursuing, what education you have completed, what projects you have worked on so far (attention students: very important are your activities during your studies, e.g. as a working student and intern) and what skills you bring with you.

  • You are completely involved in your work and don’t have time for a beautifully designed application? This is not a knock-out criterion for us! Just write a few lines in the email so that we can get a picture of you and send what you have at hand. A project list, links of community platforms where you are active (GitHub, Stack Overflow etc.).

  • Please don’t forget your salary requirements and possible start date.

application check


  • Receipt of your application and application check


From now on, our processes are running at full speed! Your profile passes through the HR and specialist departments and then the decision is made for the next step.


1. interview – or rejection

  • If your documents have aroused our curiosity, you will receive an invitation to a technical/professional interview. We usually conduct the interview via web session.

2. interview – or rejection

  • If you have convinced in the 1st interview, then it goes to the next round. Here you will meet other colleagues either on site or via video session.

3. and final interview

  • If everyone agrees, then there is nothing to stop you having your final interview. Here you will meet the management and discuss the last details of the contract. You may also get to know your team.
  • Contract offer
  • Congratulations, soon you will be part of our team! You will receive your employment contract by e-mail.

Welcome to objective partner! Starting at objective partner and onboarding

  • Even before your first day, you will receive the “Welcome Paper” from us, which will give you a good start with us. This is a good reference book for logins, responsibilities, etc.. In addition, you will have read a few names, which will certainly help you at the beginning.
  • You will receive your laptop, cell phone, etc. before your first day so that you can start perfectly with us. We are also happy to send everything to your home.
  • Depending on your job level, you will be assigned a mentor for half a year or a buddy for the first weeks, who will help you to find your way in our agile company and in your new job, and to network.
  • Your colleagues are there for you. Whether you have technical questions or are looking for a good bike tour – you can rely on helpful tips.
  • Your team is looking forward to meeting you and your first tasks are defined.
  • Look forward to many innovative projects – independent of industry, implemented with the latest technologies, individual and exciting!